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My sewing horse

Since I wasn’t really sure if I was made for sewing at all, I started with a simple mechanical sewing machine. It was a good and sturdy one and “she” made that I felt in love with sewing right from the beginning.

After opening my shop on etsy and getting first orders I was thinking about to puchase a new sewing machine. Threading the needle, cutting the thread and bringing the needle in the right position by hand always cost me a lot of time. So I researched for different and affordable sewing machines and found a great deal on amazon.com with thousands of good reviews. Three days later, we had a new family member: the Brother SE400.

Sewing with this machine is a real benefit. The automatic needle threader and the one-touch thread cutter are big time savers. The best part of course is the embroidery function. With the 4x4inch embroidery hoop you are able to decorate your sewing projects, create beautiful personalized gifts and sell customized products.

The Brother SE400 comes with lots of sewing stitches, built-in embroidery designs and fonts. You can connect the machine to your computer to import your own favorite embroidery designs. You can find new (free) and unique designs all over the web (e.g. embroideres.com).

Frida Kahlo iron on patch

Snoopy with heart iron on patch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this sewing machine.


My sewing helpers

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